Theory and product design to explore the overlap of data transparency, regulation and innovation.

Personas. Privacy Design for the institution_

*illustration credit goes to Storyset

For Legal Enterprises

  • Needs faster ways to quickly assess rapidly changing data privacy laws in different geographical regions

  • Needs the ability to track data movement to audit technical solutions

For Healthcare

  • responsible for storing large amounts of medical data

  • responsible for sensitive consents, access to information and transparency in the quickly changing data privacy landscape

For Large Companies with international presence

  • responsible for knowing the data privacy laws internationally

  • responsible for using their customer data legally in many different legal contexts

  • requires business models that use data in appropriate ways to sustain themselves.

For Public Schools

  • responsible for protecting their students data

  • has limited tech staff or knowledge

  • is using 150+ digital services for education purposes

For Small Businesses

  • wants to track their data that is moving externally (outside of their organization)

  • wants better control over their internal data

  • is liable for their customers data


What is the market potential for these personas?

3 big sources of revenue (and there are probably more). 1. Data breach fines, estimated between $403 million - $1.19 billion. 2. Public schools, if they paid $2 per student to protect their privacy (and lower their liability)(in the United States) that's an $800 million industry. Lastly, consumer interest, a rough estimate of $50 million.

What product or service do we want create? and how do we technically make these solutions happen?

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